• RightFax 22.2
    streamline your digital faxing processes and boost productivity

What’s new in RightFax 22.2

RightFax 22.2 is the latest and most advanced digital fax server software solution on the market.

With new features and enhancements, RightFax 22.2 streamlines your digital faxing processes and boosts your organisation’s productivity.

Improved User Interface

Redesigned for better usability and accessibility, the new interface is intuitive and modern.

Enhanced Security

Includes advanced features like multi-factor authentication, encryption, and secure faxing to protect your confidential information.

Web Architecture Improvements

Updates our web architecture framework for a scalable and secure web solution.

Additionally, web components have been containerized for faster scaling inside a Docker/Kubernetes environment.

Inactive User Account Disabling

Automatically disables inactive user accounts to eliminate unnecessary accounts that could be exploited by attackers.

Cloud Faxing

Send and receive faxes using cloud-based services like Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive, and Dropbox, from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Mobile Integration

Send and receive faxes securely using your mobile devices with the RightFax Mobile app.

Advanced Analytics

Monitor and optimise your digital fax processes with real-time data and insights to improve productivity and efficiency.

Upgrade now to streamline your digital fax processes, improve your productivity, and ensure the security of your confidential information.

v22.2 supersedes v21.2| v20EP2 | v16EP6 | v16 EP4

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“What I have enjoyed about the Axient experience, aside from the sound technical support is the flexibility, availability & remote capability. This has helped Deloitte to plan & deploy any RightFax changes in the midst of very busy daily workloads & scheduled meetings. Without the above, we would not have been able to successfully complete the consolidation of AU & NZ RightFax Services. Kudos to Axient for their overall expertise & professionalism.”