RightFax Technical Support

Technical support is as big a deal for us.

You want to talk with certified experts, people who know their way around the product and its relationships in your IT environment. And we are that kind of organisation.

With a central Service Desk in Sydney, we can resolve issues in system configuration, usage, product functionality, and offer enhancements. This includes troubleshooting, testing, and defect identification. Our fully staffed Service Desk is supported by a comprehensive test and development environment to provide you with a range of support options for current and end-of-life RightFax products.

We are always there for you, 24/7.

Authorised Support Partner (ASP)

Our customers trust that we understand their challenges, speak their language and do the job with expertise.

Axient is an OpenText certified ASP. This means we have the credentials and expertise  to provide level 2-3 issue management.

With over 20 years experience we provide the highest degree of technical expertise and are qualified to be your single point of support resolution.

Product Lifecycle

Provided a customer has a valid technical support and software maintenance agreement Axient is able to escalate incidents to OpenText as required.

This means you, our customer is always supported however OpenText does have a product lifecycle to their software consisting of Current or Sustaining Maintenance.

OpenText recommends running the latest version of RightFax to ensure you have the latest updates and fixes that may be essential to your operating environments.

Below is the product lifecycle information for each of the RightFax versions.

RightFax Version Release Date Sustaining Maintenance Date
RightFax 22.2 June 2022 June 2027
RightFax 21.2 April 2021 April 2026
RightFax 20.2 April 2020 April 2025
RightFax 16.6 May 2019 May 2024
RightFax 16.4 June 2018 May 2023
RightFax 16.2 April 2017 May 2022
RightFax 10.6 November 2013 November 2018
RightFax 10.5 July 2013 November 2016
RightFax 10 May 2011 July 2015

OpenText will support new versions of RightFax for five (5) years following the release date. This is known as “Current Maintenance”. After three (3) years, RightFax software versions move to “Sustaining Maintenance” at this time, there will be no new development for service packs, patches, or hot fixes.

When a product is considered to be under Sustaining Maintenance, the core development team is redirected to other work and no new services packs and patches are released for general use.

Product defects and enhancement requests may still be reported but, work by the core development team on these issues will be discontinued. Migration to a Current Maintenance version may be required.

If you have any questions about the RightFax Product Lifecycle, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@axient.com.au.

Technical Support

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