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LastPass and Workstation Login using Biometrics

Imagine how simpler life would be if passcodes, passwords, and locks didn’t exist. We’d into places faster, check our messages faster, and even finish our work faster.

But as soon as you introduce an element of security into a workflow, productivity is disrupted.

Doors need to be unlocked before they can be opened, passwords need to be typed before work apps can be accessed.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that requires security mechanisms, so how do you strike the perfect balance between security and productivity in your organisation?

With Workstation Login by LastPass.

Workstation Login elegantly incorporates MFA to all work app login processes on both Windows and Mac systems.

But what makes this particular MFA process unique is its use of biometrics to confirm a user’s identity – through either a fingerprint or face scan on a user’s mobile device.

Biometric authentication is a lot more secure than a traditional password model because your fingerprints are very difficult to steal. Passwords, on the other hand, are compromised in almost every daily data breach.

Because Workspace Login by LastPass uses the superior authentication method of biometrics, the result is passwordless MFA!

This feature shaves a decent slice of disruption from a user’s workflow. Instead of manually logging into all work apps, with WorkSpace Login, just scan your fingerprint for instant uninterrupted access to all of your work apps.

Productivity and security are no longer enemies. LastPass helps you achieve a seamless user experience while upholding one of the world’s leading access security standards.

Do you struggle with striking a balance between productivity and security? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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