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Securing Every App with the Dynamic Duo of LastPass and Okta

Following on from my post about Okta and LastPass integrations, let’s take a deeper look at why LastPass and Okta make such a perfect marriage. But first, here’s a 10-second refresh: Okta is a Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution that allows you … Continue reading

Securing and Enabling Remote Workforce

Whether adopted partially or entirely, the remote workforce is now tightly integrated into the modern business model. Businesses were already heading in this direction, but the global pandemic substantially accelerated the transition. Because the change happened so quickly, security programs … Continue reading

SMB’s Guide to Modern Identity Management

In the security realm, your Identity is your IT profile describing all of the behaviours and application requirements that are unique to you. Think of your Identity as your digital workplace license. It proves you’re an employee and that you’re … Continue reading

Identity vs Access Management – Do You Need Both?

In my last post , I spoke about the security, cost, and workflow benefits of SSO. But if you perform an online search for SSO solutions, you’ll likely also come across Privileged Access Management, Identity Access Management, and password management … Continue reading