Password Management

We secure your access points with Password Management and Single Sign-On to combat threat actors so you win where winning is mission critical.

With 80% of data breaches caused by weak or reused passwords, we want to provide our customers with a tool to reduce their cybersecurity risk without impacting employee productivity.
Password Management captures, stores, generates, and fills credentials for any form-based login, giving universal protection of all passwords while filling the gap left by SSO solutions and Shadow IT.

Five reasons to choose Password Management:

  • Promotes strong password hygiene to reduce organisational risk
  • Ensures secure sharing of passwords across the organisation
  • A first step to manage application access for employees to ensure the right employees can access sites
  • Reduces help-desk tickets related to password resets
  • Protects passwords for applications not covered by single sign-on

Single Sign-On provides the capability to authenticate once, and be subsequently and automatically authenticated when accessing various applications.

Benefits include:

  • Provides fewer passwords for end-users to manage
  • Automates provisioning and deprovisioning access to applications
  • Ensures access compliance standards are met
  • Provides greater visibility and control into who is accessing which application

We provide a comprehensive, best-in-class Password Management and Single Sign-On SSO solution from LastPass delivered as a fully managed service to ensure we secure every access point in your business.