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Year End Reflection – How to keep your business cyber safe

In 2021, the the work from home trend continued and cybersecurity continued to be a major challenge as well. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, it is estimated that cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually this year as we say goodbye to 2021.

The fundamental question for most business owners is what can be done to better protect data and assets in an increasingly connected global digital landscape. The following are a few basic actions we can take to make our business safer:

Start with a risk management perspective and learn what you need to do. Network with anyone who has expertise or experience that reflects your customised cybersecurity needs. On this note, drop me a note, I am happy to share my insights with you.

Learn about Cybersecurity Frameworks like ASD, NIST or MITRE ATT&CK, which offer guidance on technical organisation and response programs that identify and suggest means to mitigate gaps for cyber-threats.

Make sure you practice basic Cyber Hygiene: for example, do you have strong passwords and multi-factor authentication? Is your key data backed up? Do you use a secure WIFI? Do you require a virtual private network? Use our complimentary Security Assessment to find out your current posture today and focus on the areas you are vulnerable to attackers.

Hackers can use the volume of social media information on your likes and dislikes to reach out to you with malware using phishing emails and texts. Be careful who sends you emails or texts (as opposed to who they claim to be from). Never open up files that appear suspicious. Be suspicious and operate on the premise of zero trust when dealing with social engineering threats.

Consider hiring a cybersecurity expert or managed service if you have a small or medium sized business. They can help you improve your security posture and identify vulnerabilities, as well as recommend solutions and services that are most suitable for your organisation.

The above are five basic actions to make cyber life easier for 2022. No one is completely invulnerable, but we can all take steps to improve cybersecurity. I wish you a safer, healthier and happier 2022!

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