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Intelledox as hot vendor in digital transaction management

Research firm Aragon has today named Axient technology partner Intelledox as a 2016 hot vendor in advanced digital transaction management (DTM).

Each year Aragon Research selects hot vendors based on their innovative technologies, strategies that open up markets and fresh approaches to doing business. Aragon Research CEO Jim Lundy said Intelledox was named as a 2016 hot vendor for its unmatched ability to deliver end-to-end process management.

“When combined with esignatures, Intelledox offers an advanced DTM solution set, capable of dealing with complex document assembly and data insertion and extraction that others often are challenged to match,” he said.

Digital transaction management involves automating and streamlining business processes so that every step is digital. This includes using technologies such as electronic signatures, document and form automation and straight-through processing.

“DTM is transforming business processes across various industries including healthcare, financial services and banking. 70 per cent of large enterprises will have a DTM initiative underway or fully implemented by the end of 2016,” Lundy said.

Intelledox is a digital transformation company with headquarters in Canberra and Texas. It is best known for its adaptive engagement solutions that support mobile-ready business processes.

Read the full story and download the report on Intelledox’s website.

As an Axient technology partner, Intelledox’s software is integral to transforming our clients’ business processes into engaging digital customer experiences. Our consulting expertise and access to best-of-breed software products, including those from Intelledox, support end-to-end digital processes that deliver lasting value.

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