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Security is NOT about convenience

However, as a senior executive running a small to medium business, you are already time poor from managing the day to day business challenges, it might mean that many businesses are not implementing the most effective cybersecurity solutions, even the ones without substantial cost.

One cybersecurity solution that will immediately make an organisation more secure but often faces push back from employees is Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA. According to LastPass, 57% of businesses around the world use MFA so it is comfortable enough to say you’ve probably heard of MFA, but you probably aren’t using it or using it fully. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security measure that denies a user’s access until multiple verifications are provided. Most of the time, users’ online accounts, software, or applications ask for MFA to prevent strangers from accessing the legal user’s information. MFA is an additional must have security layer.

As a business owner myself I have to cultivate a strong cybersecurity culture among my own staff and here are some of the things I did to help my employees adopt MFA.

  • Communication forum: create a central place to announce the practice, allowing employees to ask questions and provide answers. This is also a good place to share regular updates on the launch schedule.
  • Internal marketing campaign: build awareness by running a week-long email campaign that sells users on the value of MFA and provides tips so they are ready for your launch day. Visual reminders: reinforce awareness by putting posters in hallways or on staff desks. Develop a theme or catch phrase that engages and empowers users – such as “Security Starts With You!”
  • Implement an easy to use training and assessment solution that incorporates Phishing simulations

Finally, think about having a little fun on your launch day to make the go-live an engaging event, such as a raffle with prizes or a launch party with cupcakes. A little incentive and fun go a long way.

Let me know if you are having any challenges for your employees to adopt the MFA practice in your business. I would be more than happy to share more ideas to improve the adoption rate in your business.

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