Security Assessment and Training Tool

Kickstarter is a FREE cybersecurity assessment solution for your business

We provide you with:

  • Online cyber risk assessment and tracking
  • Ready-to-edit cyber policy templates, and checklists
  • Library of security awareness posters

Why use our free assessment toolkit?

Simply put it’s delivers outstanding value by providing a step by step guide for continuous improvement. By Continuous Improvement we mean using this tool on an ongoing basis and rescoring yourself each time action is taken to improve your security posture. And just remember a high score equals high risk so the lower your score the better.

We have 54 targeted questions that will score your organisations security risk profile based on the Australian Signals Directorate Essential 8 and the NIST frameworks.

1. Click the link below
2. Fill in the login details to get started
3. Complete the Security Health Check
4. Review your security posture on the Health Check Dashboard
5. From the toolbar menu access and download Security Poster
6. From the toolbar menu access Business Toolkit and click through to STOP policies and procedures


If you have any questions just reach out to