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Securing Every App with the Dynamic Duo of LastPass and Okta

Following on from my post about Okta and LastPass integrations, let’s take a deeper look at why LastPass and Okta make such a perfect marriage.

But first, here’s a 10-second refresh:

Okta is a Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution that allows you to securely log in to all of your applications from a single set of credentials. LastPass is a password manager that stores encrypted passwords, enforces complex password creation, and allows passwords to be shared securely.

Now let’s take a look at the common access security frustrations of SMEs:

✘ Not all websites support Single-Sign-On (SSO) technology

✘ Employees use weak passwords

✘ Employees share their passwords insecurely.

With Okta and LastPass, you can address all of these frustrations:

✓  LastPass ensures users can still log in securely when web services don’t support SSO

✓  LastPass forces the use of complex passwords

✓  LastPass allows employees to share credentials security

A particularly powerful benefit of a LastPass and Okta combination is the protection it offers for all possible entry points into your IT ecosystem. This includes applications employees install without IT approval (the most challenging events to manage). The option of turnkey integrations also gives IT teams complete security flexibility, allowing them to customise an access security protocol for their unique digital landscape.

I’d love to know your thoughts. What do you think is the most challenging element of user access security?

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