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Secure your Business with Fewer Passwords

Device and Endpoint Security

It’s not surprising that poor password security puts you at a higher risk of a data breach. But it might surprise you to learn that better password security might mean fewer passwords across your organisation.

To understand why common password practices are dangerous, let’s take a look at some concerning trends.

A 2020 study by LastPass asked 750 IT and security professionals about their insights on password security. According to the findings, recycled and weak passwords were the two most significant causes of potential cyber threats.

Because passwords were found to be a primary area of cybersecurity concern, 85% of surveyed security professionals agreed that their organisation should reduce password use.

In addition, 95% of respondents said they were concerned about the security risks associated with password use.

You don’t have to venture far to confirm the validity of these fears. A quick google search of recent data breaches will reveal an extensive list of large-scale breaches, with many of them involving compromised user passwords.

Besides potential security risks, passwords also introduce a significant administrative burden.

Employees are always forgetting their passwords, especially after returning from a holiday – you can always gauge how enjoyable a holiday was by your level of password recall upon arrival.

Forgotten passwords are frustrating to both employees – because their workflow is interrupted – and IT departments – because they need to address each reset request.

But you can quickly address these harmful trends by simply implementing a passwordless solution.

The most popular passwordless option is Single Sign-On (SSO) – it’s also the easiest to deploy across an organisation. An SSO solution requires only one password to access all applications, resulting in a trilogy of positive impacts:

  • Reduced workflow interruptions mean employees work more efficiently.
  • IT departments get more time to focus on high-value objectives.
  • The overall risk of cyberattacks is reduced.

It’s funny how a simple implementation could have such an impact on the success of a business. If you’d like to learn more about a passwordless ecosystem for your organisation or would like a copy of the survey Contact Us .

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