RightFax System Requirements


Virtual Machines:

Version: VMware ESX Server 3.0.1 or later, Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, Citrix XenServer 6.2 or later, VMWare vSphere 4.0 or later, VMWare VMotion, AWS.

Processors: 2 CPUs required; 4 CPUs recommended.

Memory: 4GB RAM required; 8GB RAM recommended.

Drive configuration: C drive for O.S. with a separate 20GB apps drive for the RightFax installation.

Disk Space: Minimum 20GB free space for the Fax Images folder on the Apps drive, NAS/SAN or Fileserver. To calculate needed disk space, we recommend using an estimate of 35kb per page.

Virtual Machines must have a static MAC and fixed IP address.

Amazon Web Services Virtual Machines:

For AWS environments, the preferred virtual server template is C4 Large


Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

MS SQL Server Requirements:

MS SQL Server 2022

MS SQL Server 2019

MS SQL Server 2016

*Express, Standard and Enterprise editions are all supported.


Blank SQL database dedicated for RightFax is required.

Database: Minimum 1GB free space for the RightFax Database and 1GB for the log file.

The RightFax service account used to install the RightFax Software and access the RightFax database during normal BAU operation requires DB Owner permission.


Virus Scanner: %Installation Path%\RightFax Folder must be excluded from virus scanning.

If your antivirus software interferes with the functioning of your RightFax system, try defining exclusions for all RightFax folders, executables, and related third-party applications.

In environments where RightFax is running a shared services solution then there should be at least 20GB per server for the Fax Image folder.


Domain: User with rights to logon as a service

Local Server: Administrator

To run Web Admin, the Remoting Service must be set to a domain account.

SQL Permissions: DBO rights on the RightFax Database (refer SQL Database Requirements section later in this document)


Connector for Microsoft Exchange supports the following versions of Microsoft Exchange on Windows Server 2012 or later, depending on which connector option you choose.

With the RightFax Connector installed on the Exchange server:

MS Exchange 2010 SP2/2013/2016/2019

NDR Mailbox, a mail account used as the destination for non-deliverable report messages.

Exchange processing folders on Exchange server must be excluded from virus scanning.

With the RightFax EWS Connector installed on the RightFax server:

EWS Connector:

MS Exchange 2010 SP2/2013/2016/2019/O365

RightFax dedicated Exchange Mailbox for sending and receiving fax messages and notifications.

NDR Mailbox, a mail account used as the destination for non-deliverable report messages.

Note: Office 365 no longer supports foreign connectors so [fax: ] and [rfax: ] style addressing, nor is the Outlook Advanced form supported, meaning the SMTP/POP3 connector is recommended utilising SMTP addressing e.g. faxnumber@domain e.g. 0383376030@acme.com.au


Any standard SMTP service.

RightFax dedicated SMTP/POP3 enabled mailbox for sending and receiving fax messages and notifications.

Valid ‘From Address’ that the SMTP relay service will allow SMTP messages from

For SMTP/POP3 Mail integrations on MS Exchange the mailbox must be hidden from the Global Address list

Cloud based SMTP/POP3 servers such as Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are supported in RightFax 10.x and above, these require the use of SSL, refer Internal Firewall Requirements section later in this document.


The following ports are required to be open bidirectional on internal firewalls for full functionality of RightFax:*

  • Server/Client: TCP Ports 10520, 10522 (Desktop Client), 80, 443 (Web Client), 34987, 34988 (Outlook Plugin)
  • RF Server to RF Server: TCP Ports 10062, 34987,34988
  • RF Server to SIP: UDP Ports 5060, 56000-57000 (1000 port range for FoIP Media)
  • RF Server to H.323: TCP 1720 (Signalling), UDP 56000-57000 (1000 port range, FoIP Media)
  • RF Server to H.323: UDP Ports 1719 (Gatekeepers), 56000-57000 (1000 port range, FoIP Media)
  • RF Server to Cisco Router UDP 16384-32768
  • RF Server to SQL Server: TCP Port 1433 SQL and Secure SQL
  • RF Server to SMTP Server: TCP port 25, 587 SSL/TLS
  • RF Server to POP3 Server: TCP port 110, 995 SSL/TLS
  • RF Server to File Share: TCP port 445(SMB)
  • RF Server to LPD Print Services: TCP port 515


Wireshark – Wireshark is a network protocol analyser used to debug SIP connectivity issues. Installed during setup and removed after completion.

The RightFax server should be a member of the AD Domain.