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RightFax and O365 OAuth

You may know that Microsoft stopped supporting and fully decommissioned the Basic Authentication for access to Exchange Online services in October 2020. So, new or existing applications, like RightFax are unable to use Basic Authentication when connecting to Exchange Online with Office 365.

What you may not know is that the RightFax Email Gateway for SMTP and POP3 can be configured and used with Office 365 using OAuth.

What is Exchange Online OAuth?

We’re sure you already know that with OAuth, user credentials and passwords are not passed from one computer to another. Instead, authentication and authorisation is based on the exchange of security tokens, which grant access to a specific set of resources for a specific amount of time.

RightFax Support for OAuth

What type of Exchange Online OAuth does the RightFax SMTP/POP3 Gateway Support?

The RightFax SMTP/POP3 Gateway supports only the Client Secret for configuration with the Exchange Online OAuth 2.0.

Supported versions include:

RightFax 21.2

RightFax 20.2 SR2

RightFax 16 EP6 with SR6 update build 6095 or later

RightFax 16 EP4 with SR7 update build 7058 or later

RightFax 16 EP2 with SR9 update build 9040 or later.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about configuring OAuth for RightFax.

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