Microsoft 365

We secure Public Cloud to combat threat actors so you win where winning is mission critical




Using our Fortinet expertise we provide security solutions for organisations using Microsoft 365. These solutions protect sensitive data, ensure trusted communications, and help safeguard productivity loss due to cyber threats.

Our solution suite consists of:

  • Secure Email Gateway that bolsters security for organisations using mail services from Microsoft 365.
  • A cloud access security broker (CASB) is that sits between users and their cloud service to enforce security policies as they access cloud-based resources. CASBs can shed light into strange or unusual user activity and provide the company with cloud access control. Unlike firewalls, they provide deep visibility into cloud environments and offer granular control of cloud usage. They are increasingly important to organisations as employees use personal, unmanaged devices to access corporate networks from new, disparate locations, which creates even more cloud security risks.
  • A malware sandbox that confines the actions of an application, such as opening a Word document, to an isolated environment. Within this safe environment the sandbox analyzes the dynamic behaviour of an object and its various application interactions in a pseudo-user environment and uncovers any malicious intent. So if something unexpected or wanton happens, it affects only the sandbox and not the other computers and devices on the network are impacted.
  • Access Management and Single Sign-On because many of the most damaging breaches have been accomplished through unauthorized users gaining access to a network or inappropriate levels of access granted to valid users. This is key in creating effective security policy, strengthening security by ensuring only the right person at the right time can access your sensitive networks and data.

Securing Microsoft 365