Managed SD-WAN

We secure the Internet and WAN Edge so you win where winning is mission critical

Our expertise and partnerships deliver an SD-WAN service that gives you insights and control over your Internet like you have never seen before. We take way the complexity of having to manage network link redundancy, security, equipment and performance.

A Managed SD-WAN service offers your business a simple and secure solution to deliver a private network between multiple sites. SD-WAN delivers advanced routing, self-healing capabilities, and flexible security using network firewall or SASE-based cloud-delivered services—all in a single, integrated solution.

Most organisations already have an existing investment in their network (Like Telstra IPWAN) and other clouds. The Managed SD WAN is both universally compatible and modular enough to integrate into most existing networks.

Our managed service plans provide you with the ability to control what occurs on your business network. Do you want to block Facebook, YouTube and Instagram? Do you want to give your users access only at lunch time, before or after work? Our Standard plan gives you this ability. We’ll ensure your key applications such as Email and Voice are prioritised for bandwidth.

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