System Integration

How much time would you save each year if your employees operated within this kind of integrated data processing world and didn’t have to double-handle data or manually update customer details? For many businesses, the answer is weeks or even months.

As we know, one of the most impactful ways to reduce this inefficiency is by making system integration part of your digital automation strategy

• Push, pull and change data from multiple sources
• Prepopulate SmartForm fields with customer data
• Push captured data from a SmartForm straight to a backend system
• Update CRM entries when client details change
• Trigger data transformation or document output as part of a workflow

System integration benefits

System integration reduces manual labour to make business processes more efficient. When a user completes a SmartForm, for example, system integration ensures form data is routed to the correct location. This could be in a workflow, CRM system or elsewhere.

Other system integration benefits include:

• Reduced processing time
• Faster time to revenue
• Increased efficiency
• Maximise the value of existing business systems

What Axient offers

Axient digital automation solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of organisation’s existing systems. Our consultants are experts in connecting to data sources including:





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