Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures provide an automated solution to support business processes that are digital from start to finish.

Electronic signatures can be implemented from the moment a user opens an application form to when a supervisor provides final sign off, every step should be digital. Electronic signatures close the digital loop. They automate what is often the last step in a business process: signature collection and validation.

As part of a digital business process, electronic signatures enable:

  • Users to securely sign documents from a browser on a PC or mobile device
  • Digital identity authentication
  • Multiple signers and multiple signatures per signer
  • Ability to define and enforce the order of signers and documents
  • Secure data storage on Australian servers

The result is an end-to-end digital business process that is both secure and compliant.

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What Axient offers

Axient uses world-class electronic signature software to transform manual processes into robust digital experiences. Our consultants recommend eSignLive for its seamless integration and advanced, built-in security features.

eSignLive electronic signatures
No matter how simple or complex your signing processes are, whether you need to e-sign the occasional electronic contract, or you are planning on processing thousands of transactions online, eSignLive gives you the options.

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Electronic signature benefits

Research shows 50% of Australians aged 18 to 34 prefer to sign documents electronically. In our experience, the benefits of adopting electronic signature technologies go far beyond customer satisfaction.

eSignLive users say they prefer electronic signature processes to ink on paper alternatives for reasons including:

  • More secure and compliant signature processes
  • Greater process efficiencies
  • Faster time to transaction as a result of users completing tasks in fewer steps
  • Quicker transaction processing due to back office automation

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