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How to increase user engagement with SharePoint


If you’re a CIO or senior IT manager then it’s likely you’re constantly addressing the organisational challenges of improving return-on-information, driving workforce collaboration, and making enterprise systems easier to use (or at least improving compliance in how they’re used). Like … Continue reading

The power of connectors: how schools get value faster from digital process solutions

Investing in digital technology can be exciting for schools because it makes many daily tasks easier and faster. As a result, digital technology projects promise to deliver efficiency gains that save time and money. But investing in digital solutions can … Continue reading

The value of automation: why it’s worth considering the right digital technology solutions

As a school executive you likely understand better than anyone else the burden that ever-growing piles of paperwork create for admin staff and parents alike. The myth of the paperless office remains just that: a myth. Yet budgets remain tight, … Continue reading

Inside digital disruption : How to build a best-in-class customer experience

Digital disruption is a term being used more frequently in boardrooms across the corporate sector. Unsurprisingly, many in the c-suite would describe the feeling it evokes as thrilling and terrifying in equal measure. On one hand, the competitive landscape in … Continue reading

Electronic Signatures and the law : what every Australian organisations should know + infographic

As more Australian organisations add electronic signatures to their digital processes, many are unsure about the law. So I asked expert and The BlueRock Associate Director, Steve Snow, to explain Australian electronic signature laws in plain English. We’ve also included … Continue reading

Closing the loop: why SmartForms and e-signatures are vital for end-to-end digital processes

The stakes are high for digital transformation. Around 85 per cent of enterprise decision makers believe they have less than two years to make inroads into their digital transformation journey, or risk competitive disadvantage. This statistic got me thinking. Organisations … Continue reading

CIO and CMO : the ultimate CXO team for delivering consistent customer experiences

Ask any successful CIO and they’ll tell you there’s more to doing a great job than keeping the IT machine running. When it comes to business performance, IT leaders recognise that nurturing strong relationships – whether that’s with vendors, customers … Continue reading

Axient technology partner Intelledox named as hot vendor in digital transaction management

Research firm Aragon has today named Axient technology partner Intelledox as a 2016 hot vendor in advanced digital transaction management (DTM). Each year Aragon Research selects hot vendors based on their innovative technologies, strategies that open up markets and fresh … Continue reading

The 24/7 CIO: how to thrive in an always-on business environment

When it comes to interacting with companies and brands, today’s customers determine the rules of engagement. And they’ve decided that the days of doing business between 9am and 5pm are over. Customers complete banking transactions at all hours, on a … Continue reading

Guest post: Digital transformation and the e-signature experience

It’s no secret that customer demand for electronic signatures is growing. Analysts predict the broader digital signature market will be worth US$3.31 billion by 2022, up from US$501.7 million in 2016. But there’s more to implementing and maintaining a successful … Continue reading