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How to increase user engagement with SharePoint


If you’re a CIO or senior IT manager then it’s likely you’re constantly addressing the organisational challenges of improving return-on-information, driving workforce collaboration, and making enterprise systems easier to use (or at least improving compliance in how they’re used). Like … Continue reading

The power of connectors: how schools get value faster from digital process solutions

Investing in digital technology can be exciting for schools because it makes many daily tasks easier and faster. As a result, digital technology projects promise to deliver efficiency gains that save time and money. But investing in digital solutions can … Continue reading

The value of automation: why it’s worth considering the right digital technology solutions

As a school executive you likely understand better than anyone else the burden that ever-growing piles of paperwork create for admin staff and parents alike. The myth of the paperless office remains just that: a myth. Yet budgets remain tight, … Continue reading